Windows 10 Testing

So far, I've encountered several windows 10 issues with my new build.

First off, I started with a clean install of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update I made with Microsoft's media creation tool.  The install went fine, but after reboot and final setup, I wasn't able to install any applications.  This appears to be a known issue and not Ryzen related - somehow during the install, permissions aren't handled properly for the administrator user.  Creating a new administrator user can solve this problem.  I went this route and began to experienced various BSODs.  I decided to do another windows reinstall, but this time with the Spring Creators Update from the DVD I purchased.  That install went fine too, but the BSODs persisted.  I found a person who had a similar configuration and problem.  He replaced the motherboard - taking out the Asus Prime X370 Pro and putting in an Asus Crosshair Hero VI.  I picked one up, did the install, and now everything appears to be working BSOD free.